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Virtual & Hybrid Events

From today your online events (meetings, webinars, product presentations…) will live up to the quality of the best television productions. For audio/video content on the web we use technologies taken from the world of broadcasting, integrated with the interactivity of streaming, networking and online collaboration platforms. And if you want, we will create an exclusive all-in-one app – totally customized and compatible with smartphones, tablets and notebooks.


A few examples? When it comes to product presentation your best bet is streaming with impeccable set-design, suggestive videographic effects and maybe broadcasting parts of the event in 3D and augmented reality for that genuine “wow effect”. A training event or virtual team building requires more interactivity. And if you wish, your online event can be held in a completely digital location, adopting a visual language with a futuristic flavor.


The speakers’ skill and content quality are enhanced by an appropriate setting. Our set designers work in close synergy with light designers, and staging can include ledwalls and wide screens. We also align any external locations (such as a room available at your headquarters) to the coordinated image of the event through the use of impactful smart installations. 


Your streaming event can take on the style, pace and liveliness of a talk show with the presence of a presenter/chairperson who switches between speakers’ contributions, multimedia inputs, external links (from one or more locations), and participants’ contributions. A presenting style akin to that of TV journalists with the creation of compelling interactive moments, which serve to keep the audience’s attention level high.


When designing your online event, in order to ensure a high rate of active engagement, we bear in mind who the people making up the virtual audience are, how they will be accessing the event and what their level of attention is likely to be. As well as managing the timing properly, we adopt visual storytelling techniques and chat interactions: voting, challenges, gamification, Q&A and, if required, the implementation of networking tools.


We are already working to make your virtual events of the future even more impactful and innovative. 5G (and, in the future, 6G) will lead to the exponential growth of technologies which are already partially available today: virtual reality, augmented reality, immersive wearable devices, 4D creativity… 


Tell us about your needs for today and tomorrow: we will accompany you into the future of business events.

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