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Live Communication


The event as an integral part of a broader communication strategy: this is the perspective which live communication is operating in. Each event thus becomes an integrated communication platform.


There are events protected by a veil of discretion, for example meetings in which confidential data or training contents are outlined to specific internal targets. In these cases, the communication technique characterizing the event has a deliberately limited target audience. But the more the field of recipients is broadened, in B2C and B2B, the greater the benefits which can be obtained from a multi-channel approach extended to the pre- and post-phases. 


Guaranteeing the brand experience to a wide and targeted audience requires the optimal use of the far-reaching power of digital tools, starting with social networks. For this reason, each of our events is integrated with a specific communication plan, consistent with the company’s communication strategy and aimed at fully achieving the objectives. Keywords: digital, social and entertainment.


Our sphere of operations is interconnected and systemic and this will enable us to make your next event one of the key ingredients in the marketing mix, extending its effectiveness in terms of timescale, increasing audience numbers and quality which is precisely aligned with the targets’ needs.

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