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Exclusive Team Building & Training

The enhancement of human capital is a strategic aspect: in terms of competitive advantage and as a central element in corporate social responsibility policies. This is all the more true in a season so full of changes and complexity: company teams, subjected to increasing challenges, require increasingly advanced care. And the development of both soft and hard  skills is an essential component in the company’s evolutionary path.


That’s why we are putting a wide range of exclusive and unconventional team building and training events at your disposal. Forget about standard proposals featuring predictable, banal activities, which might (perhaps) have been suitable for the last decade. Your next team building will be unprecedented when it comes to the activities on offer, the surprise effect which will create wonder for participants and make sure they remember it, the engagement on an emotional level and, above all, the content in terms of training and values. 


One of our business & team coaches certified by ACoI (Italian Coaching Association) will interface with your company representatives to share every last detail of the messages which need to be turned into activities and the motivational objectives to be pursued. The identified format will then be shaped so as to tailor it to your needs.


You can select your next team building and training event from dozens of proposals within these thematic areas:

  • Entertainment
  • Creativeness
  • Sport
  • Action
  • Cooking
  • Art
  • Digital


Each proposal has exclusive and original features in each of these aspects:

  • Performed activity
  • Location
  • Special Guest
  • Speakers and trainers
  • Complementary experiences
  • Entertainment
  • Methods of engaging participants and transferring key concepts


For small groups composed of C-level executives, we have particularly valuable and refined experiences in store.

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