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How successful was the event? Were the goals set actually achieved? Each event requires an investment and aims to achieve clearly defined results. This is why it is essential to provide complete, reliable and objective answers to these questions.


Upstream it is necessary to identify the KPIs, the indicators based on which the results actually determined will be measured. These are quantifiable parameters and strictly related to the type of event. 


Technological evolution today provides tools that allow us to scientifically measure the effect of the experience through ROI (return on investment) and ROE (return on experience). A wide spectrum of opportunities, from dedicated apps – with the possibility of obtaining feedback in real time – to complex neuroscience-based observation and evaluation systems, allow us to quantify KPIs that are useful for concretely evaluating the effects produced by the event. The measurement may concern, for example, the level of satisfaction of participants. In the case of an event organized for commercial purposes, the impact on sales will need to be assessed. If it is a training event, however, we will look at whether the contents provided have actually been taken in.


All that remains is to get to work to create the ideal event in relation to the goals of your brand, integrating the tools necessary to measure the results as early as the design phase. This, in addition to increasing the overall value of the event, contributes to maximum transparency in the relationship between agency and company: an aspect that is particularly close to our heart.

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